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Marriage is a Climb

The pinnacle of any kind of relationship is one that is intimate. Not necessarily intimate in a physical sense, although that often counts; but intimate in the sense where the other person knows another's triggers, and weaknesses. Often times in a marriage, couples have not yet fully understood or resolved their own individual life challenges. In some cases they may be unaware that they have any issues at all. But then they find themselves married, and with marriage comes challenges, and suddenly triggers are ever present. The biggest challenge most couples face is not to use their significant other's weaknesses out of spite, anger or malice. In marriage, there are no good guys or bad guys. There is a team of two, who must want to work together and not against eachother in order to succeed. This is often easier said than done. In the heat of arguments it's easy to pull out cheap shots against your spouse, or his/her family, or his/her weaknesses to disarm and sometimes hurt them (as they may be unintentionally hurting you). Needless to say, this toxic way of handling, much less resolving a marital conflict is ill-advised, and often fruitless. To understand marriage you must understand that you and your spouse made a decision to climb a mountain together. No one said it would be easy. No one said it would always be fun. And know that if you push your partner off the mountain, you will be there alone. Marriage, is about learning and growing together and individually. Counseling often is an intermediary, a guide to help you both understand that the mountain isn't as scary as it seems. Sometimes, you just need to rest (together) and take care (of eachother) to finish standing beside eachother, every step of the way. #marriage #counseling #frisco #texas #faith #love #healing #mentalhealth #plano #marriagecounseling #mattmckinney

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